The Blood Detective, by Dan Waddell

A couple of unrelated murders in Kensington are linked when a third body is found and it appears that a serial killer is at work. There seems to be a similarlity in the killer's modus operandi, but the manner in which each of the victims have been dispatched is different. But a clue leads one detective to suggest enlisting the help of Nigel, a professional genealogist, and it soon becomes clear that something is linking these crimes which has a basis in family history

Came across this audiobook at the library, and a quick check on the amazon reviews (five stars - "fantastic", "could not put it down") convinced me to get it.

Well it wasn't that fantastic or un-putdownable. Rather an average English crime novel, with a vaguely interesting twist - the genealogy angle - that provided the excuse for lots of Da-Vinci style rushing around between the various institutions that hold census data, birth and death records, and archived newspaper articles.

It was entertaining enough, and I would probably read another by this author, but it wasn't the sort of thing that makes you dash out and buy all his other books.

Completed : 16-Apr-2011 (audiobook)

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