The Glamour, by Christoper Priest

Richard Grey is convalescing after being hit by a car, but remembers little of events leading up to his accident. He's visited by Susan, who fills in the details of the memories he lost. Or does she? Perhaps she's not entirely reliable. And as Richard realises that they were having a relationship, and starts to fall in love with her again, her visits to the hospital become more irregular and she appears to be pre-occupied with a former lover who won't leave her alone. And who no-one apart from Susan appears to be able to see.

After reading The Prestige, I looked for other books by Priest, and came across this one.

This was another intriguing idea for a story - with Richard's recovered memories seeming to be so real but then being flatly contradicted by other evidence. And the idea of invisibility, which is key to the story, is nicely done as well.

But like The Prestige it felt a little unsatisfying because it seemed to promise much more than it delivered: I don't think it was made clear exactly what was going on in Richard's past, and the invisibility stuff sort of went a bit limp towards the end.

I enjoyed reading the book though and would look for more by Priest

Completed : 23-Oct-2012

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