The Importance of Being Seven, by Alexander McCall Smith

Follows The Unbearable Lightness of Scones and carries on in much the same vein. Although the title refers to Bertie, the book doesn't focus that much on him, with quite a lot of space devoted to what happens when Antonia, Domenica and Angus (to say nothing of Cyril) take a trip to Italy.

I hadn't realised it was so long (2 years) since I read the previous 44 Scotland Street book. I think McCall Smith had a break from them too, and I think that helped bring some freshness back into the series. This one felt like a bit of a return to form - not least because Bruce comes back, and has reverted to type.

I liked reading about Bertie, and his brother Ulysses, who's always happy except when his mother picks him up, when he's sick. Bertie has a glimpse of freedom and happiness in this book, when he goes on a fishing trip with his father, and you really feel "good for you".

I really enjoyed this one. I see there's another one just out: not sure whether to read it straight away or to put it off for a while...

Completed : 08-Oct-2011

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