The Next Accident, by Lisa Gardner

Amanda Quincy, a reformed alcoholic, is persuaded to drink by her boyfriend, who then gets her into a car with a dodgy seatbelt and causes her to crash. He escapes the scene, leaving no trace of his having been there, before the police arrive, and Amanda remains on life support for a year, never regaining consciousness before the family finally agrees to switch off the machine. Her father, FBI agent Pierce Quincy, does not believe that this was an accident, and hires Raine Connor, a female ex-cop with whom he's previously had a relationship, to investigate.

Reminded me a bit of Kinsey Milhone, although it's not written in the first person: plucky female PI finds herself getting into something a bit more sinister than she'd first expected etc.. I assume there may have been another book before this one which covered Raine and Quincy's relationship? Not that I'd bother to read it. This was fairly average stuff, nothing fantastic here. The book was a bit too long, and while it passed the time there was nothing very exciting or novel in it.

Completed : 15-Oct-2007 (audiobook)

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