The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton

This was a recommendation from A good read.

"Ponyboy" and his friends are Greasers - young people from the poor side of town - who have regular bust-ups with the "Socs" who are the more well-to-do college set. Many of the greasers and ponyboy in particular come from broken or dysfunctional families so their greaser status is especially important to them

Reminds me a bit of the boys in Stand By Me - Ponyboy is obviously bright although a bit unloved, and others have had very rough treatment from their parents. As in Stand By Me, Ponyboy does not lack insight into his situation.

There are friendships that cross the Greaser/Soc divide, and even hints of romance, but the main story is of a fight that results in the death of a Soc, and Ponyboy’s subsequent attempt to run away and hide.

Quite easy to read, reminded me of Catcher in the Rye a bit. Very accomplished writing for someone who was 17 when she wrote it.

Completed : 8-Apr-2019

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