The Shining, by Stephen King

On a bit of a Stephen King binge, and remembered reading this as a teenager. I assumed it would be a bit tame, but it was pretty good.

Rather as in The Dead Zone there were a couple of bits where a sudden flash of psychic insight made my spine literally tingle. Jack, Danny's dad, has a nasty episode in the garden when the hedge animals seem to move and try to attack him. Later, the same thing happens to Danny, and his parents both try to comfort him. Jack tries to persuade him that it's just his imagination. Then:

Danny pulled away. Suddenly he had it. It flashed into his mind all at once, the way things sometimes did, the way it had about the woman wanting to be in that gray man's pants. He stared at his father with widening eyes.
'You know I'm telling the truth,' he whispered, shocked.
'Danny-' Jack's face, tightening.
'You know because you saw-'
The sound of Jack's open palm striking Danny's face was flat, not dramatic at all.
The shocking thing was not the slap, but the tingle when you feel when Danny sees inside his dad's head.

And when Dick Hallorann was leaving the hotel, telling Danny that if anything happened, he should "shout" and Dick would hear him and come. I was just on the edge of my seat completely gripped.

I don't know how King does it - maybe it's just cheap thrills, but he really knows how to get your attention.

Completed : 16-November-2016

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