The Siren, by Val Harris

On the Amalfi coast, Antonio, a local sailor, teams up with an American girl and they are a success at running boat trips for the tourists. And soon it turns into more than just a business arrangement. But soon after this, Jo appears and she thinks she recognises Antonio's girlfriend as someone with a rather sinister past.

I bought this book because the author was in the bookshop signing copies and it feels nice to encourage writers. I asked her what other authors she would compare her writing to, and she said, perhaps Joanne Harris. I've not read any JH so can't judge that comparison - to me the two styles which came to mind were Nicci French and Enid Blyton.

Nicci French because of the story - someone who appears nice but has a nasty secret, and Enid Blyton because of the rather simple writing style: a bit too much telling, not enough showing - I think when you get exclamation marks in the prose that's not a good sign! And while there's no Timmy the dog, there is a cat who plays a not dissimilar role.

But, it was a pretty easy read and it wasn't dreadful - I worried that it might turn out to be like an early Tess Gerritson but it wasn't that bad. Don't think I'd recommend it, but was nice enough to read while sitting in the sunshine.

Completed : 26-Sep-2009

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