The Stopped Heart, by Julie Myerson

I gave up on this one, so am just writing this to remind me that I have tried some Julie Myerson, and that I don't want to get any more.

The story alternates POVs. In the current day, there's a couple who move to new house: the wife has had something dreadful happen to her and is trying to get over it, but no details are given (yet). The other POV in (distant?) past has a strange man turning up in garden during thunderstorm and narrowly missing being killed when tree falls near him, then a family member dropping dead.

There's some suggestion if ghostly activity in both stories.

After 15 mins I thought "I don’t think this is for me", but I kept going in case, and after another hour my first impression was confirmed. The whole book was 13 hours and didn’t fancy another 12.

Gave Up : 1-May-2019 (audiobook)

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