The Summons, by John Grisham

A law professor receives a letter from his dying father, a retired judge, asking him and his brother to visit the family home. But by the time he gets there, his father is dead. Looking around the house, he comes across a stash of several million dollars - where's that come from? There's no mention of it in his father's will. Should he tell his brother, who's a drunkard and has spent time in rehab on multiple occasions? As he wrestles with these questions, he soon realises that there is someone else who knows about the money and wants their hands on it.

Easy read but not really much cop. Not nearly as good as The Runaway Jury. A few red herrings were left around, and weren't really satisfactorily tied up by the ending. Wouldn't bother reading it again.

Completed : 22-Mar-2008

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