The Turquoise Lament, by John D MacDonald

One of a series of McGee books I read this summer which I haven't done proper reviews for.

This one was pretty good although hard to summarise the plot in a single line. McGee speaks to a guy who's married one of McGee's friends, Pidge. Pidge and her husband had been on a long boat trip for their honeymoon, but Pidge is behaving very strangely and seems to think her husband tried to kill her when they were on the boat. Will Travis talk to Pidge? He does, and together they agree that Pidge has nothing to worry about but needs rest.

Later, when Pidge and husband have resumed their honeymoon, McGee starts to worry whether he may have made a mistake, and starts doing some digging into the background of Pidge's husband. And realises that something is very badly wrong.

Put like that, the story doesn't sound all that convincing, but it really was: the way that the truth dawns on Travis mirrors the way that it dawned on me, and the chase to uncover what's really going on, and to find Pidge and husband, is pretty thrilling.

A good one.

Completed : 25-Sep-2010

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