The Understudy, by David Nicholls

This is the second novel by Nicholls, coming between Starter for Ten and One Day. Stephen McQueen is the hero of the story, a not-yet-successful actor who's understudying the flashy and famous star in a west-end production. Unfortunately, as well as being flashy and famous, the star is very dependable, and there doesn't seem to be much chance that Stephen will ever get his break.

Although this is the second of Nicholl's books, it felt like a first novel to me - the plot was a little bit formulaic; a bit like a Tony Parsons book, or perhaps Tim Lott, where there's a bit of a feel that the author is admitting that men sometimes don't behave all that honourably. It was quite readable, and not unfunny, but I didn't think it was as good as either of the other two books.

Completed : 06-Jul-2011

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