The Victorian Chaise-Longue, by Marghanita Laski

A short story about a woman recovering from TB who goes to sleep on the eponymous bit of furniture and wakes up to find herself apparently having gone back in time to occupy the body of someone else.

Quite an interesting story - but more impressive for the take on the subject matter than the story itself. When she wakes up, she has very little idea of where she is, and so much of what people are saying to her doesn't make sense, because there's so little context. What was good was that the author makes no attempt to explain to the reader what's happening, so we feel the same sense of not-knowing-what's-going-on as the heroine.

And when she tries to prove that she's from the future by describing machines and devices which haven't yet been invited, she finds her mouth isn't able to make the right sounds - you do get a sense of the horror of the situation - a bit like locked-in-syndrome.

Quite a nice story.

Completed : 19-Mar-2011

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