The Woods, by Harlan Coben

Paul Copeland's sister was murdered, along with three other kids, by a serial killer who struck at a summer camp twenty years ago. But now, he's under suspicion of murder: a man is found dead, and he has letters and clippings in his pocket relating to Copeland. When taken to see the victim, Copeland realizes that it is one of the kids who supposedly was murdered along with his sister. What's going on?

Well, I suppose that having discovered a winning formula, Coben is happy to stick with it. Yet another yarn about someone whose past comes back to haunt him, and yet again it turns out that our narrating hero is not entirely reliable (although perhaps not so bad as Beck in Tell No-one). And having read the other books, I wasn't entirely surprised by what happened (although I wasn't able in advance to work out why). But formula or not, it does work, and I had trouble putting this one down.

Completed : 8-Mar-2008

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