Them: Adventures with Extremists, by Jon Ronson

Got this as part of a three book kindle bundle, having enjoyed Ronson's book of collected newspaper articles.

This is the one where he talks to various extremist characters, Islamic fundamentalists, Ku Klux Klan, as well as members of the Bilderberg group.

It was quite entertaining and easy to read. Although it's three months since I read it now so I can't remember it that well.. I highlighted this passage: Ronson is with Omar, who's trying rather unsuccessfully to foment political unrest with British Muslims:

Office World is a hub of revolutionary political and religious activity in north London, primarily because of their special Price Promise.
'If you find a photocopying service that's cheaper,' explained Omar on the way, 'then Office World will give you a discount.'
A Hasidic Jew stood next to us at the Office World counter. He wanted sheet-music copied for a barmitzvah. Omar sized up the Hasidic Jew, and the Hasidic Jew sized up Omar. Then the Office World employee said, 'Finished!', and handed Omar two hundred leaflets.
The Hasidic Jew glanced at them with some curiosity. They read: 'Crush the Pirate state of Israel'. He glared at us. Imar smiled awkwardly.
'This,' he whispered to me, 'is a very sensitive moment.'

Looking forward to reading the other two books when I'm in the right mood.

Completed : 2-October-2015

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