Then We Came to the End, by Joshua Ferris

Story of a bunch of people working in the ad-industry around the time that loads of people are being laid off.

I picked this up at random in the library and it turned out to be a book that I think I might well have sought out if I'd heard anything about it. By which I mean, it's the sort of book that I'd put down as the sort of thing I'd like.

Mostly it reminded me of Microserfs which I'm a bit surprised to see I've not read in the last ten years. Partly because it's written in the "fourth person" - we did this, we did that, etc.. Although I think in that book you knew who the main character was; in this one, you're never told (although I think you can work it out right at the end).

It's three weeks since I finished it now, and I seem to have neglected to make any notes in the meantime, but it was a good read: lots of stuff that rang true about office politics and the way people feel insecure about their jobs, pretend to be busy when they're not, worry about whether their colleagues know something they don't etc.. But the other way it was like Microserfs is that it had a fairly whimsical feel to it: it wasn't dry or boring, but funny.

Some of the episodes were a bit surreal, but still plausible.

I enjoyed it, and think maybe Steve would like it.

Completed : 24-Jun-2012

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