A Touch of Frost, by R.D. Wingfield

Much the same sort of thing as Hard Frost: a collection of crimes that hit Frost's desk, including more attacks in Denton woods (can't think why anyone would ever go walking there), and they're all resolved by the last page.

In this book, Frost is assisted by Webster, who's been demoted from being detective inspector in another branch, and who resents Frost's seemingly amateurish approach to crime investigation. So we get a lot "what was the old fool up to now?".

Not a lot of tension in the book: it's not a thriller, despite the serial rapist, and the characters are too much caricatures for you to feel much for them, but the story jollies along nicely and it's an engaging read. So that I can identify it if I'm inclined to read it again, it's the one with the police officer who gets shot by "useless Eustace".

Completed : 6-Jun-2004 (audiobook)

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