The Truth Will Out, by Jane Isaac

I'm writing this two weeks after finishing the book and I can't remember it at all - I had to look at the synopsis on Amazon to remember it.

OK so it was the one where the Eva is skyping her friend, and while she's watching, she sees a gloved hand cover her friend's mouth and the screen go blank. She calls the police and then sets off on the run. Turns out the friend was killed by the attacker, but Eva doesn't know that.

Sigh, another 99p kindle deal of the day that turned out to be pretty hopeless. Another book with a female detective who I guess is going to turn up in other books. What I wrote while reading it was:

The story switches between point of view of different characters so you know what's going on even though police detective doesn't. It would maybe have been quite good if all you'd had was the police PoV because then it would have seemed a lot more puzzling and intriguing. As it was you know exactly why things are happening which leave police stumped.

Pretty poor really. Was fooled by 5* reviews on Amazon

Completed : 04-Jun-2015

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