Twisted, by Jonathan Kellerman

Isaac is a fantastically bright student who's doing some kind of internship with the LAPD. Left to his own devices for a while, he stumbles across a series of hitherto unconnected killings that stretch back several years, and manages to persuade his mentor, a female detective named Petra, to look into the cases.

I previously read The Conspiracy Club by Kellerman, and thought it had been OK (re-reading the review now, I see that I wasn't bowled over) so when I saw this audiobook in the library I thought it would be worth a go.

Well, it was OK, but nothing special. I think if it had concentrated just on Isaac and the serial killer thing that would have been better, but as well as that there as another case which Petra was working on, which took up about the same amount of space, as well as the back-story of Petra's boyfriend who's been on special-ops in the middle east. As it was, the serial killer didn't turn out to be that interesting: either there wasn't enough space in the book to let that plot breathe, or Kellerman couldn't think up anything interesting so padded the book with the other stuff.

Passed the time but nothing special.

Completed : 21-Aug-2009 (audiobook)

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