The Universe versus Alex Mills, by Gavin Extence

Alex has suffered epilepsy since being hit by a meteorite. He's a bit Aspergers, although it's not clear whether that's a result of the epilepsy/meteorite. With a keen interest in studying, a mother who's a bit of a hippy, he is picked on at school and finds friendship with Mr Peterson, a reclusive widower with an interest in Kurt Vonnegut.

Another young-adult 99p Kindle deal of the day, and this was a good one. The book is written in the first person, and has a definite flavour of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

The book was funny: Alex has a nice turn of phrase, e.g. when he runs away from home and the press approach his mother looking for a salacious quote:

So far, she'd answered only one question, which had caught her off-guard as wehs was opening up in the morning. She'd been asked how she was feeling.
I'm upset, obviously,' she'd replied.
A thesaurus was consulted, and by mid-afternoon my mother was quoted as being 'distraught'. After that, she said nothing at all, which was taken as further confirmation of just how dismayed she was feeling. People wanted to empathize with her suffering, and a wall of silence was not going to deter them.

But it was moving too - I was moved.

Very enjoyable.

Completed : 29-December-2015

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