An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, by PD James

Cordelia Gray works in a detective agency, but as the book opens her partner is found dead, having committed suicide and left her with not much of a business. Still, she is engaged to look into another suicide: this time the son of an eminent, although not much liked, scientist. There's no suspicion of foul play, but the father wants some explanation of why his son acted as he did.

The story isn't great, but the writing is quite good, and does get into Cordelia's head a bit (I think there was a bit of free indirect speech in there). So it was more interesting from the point of view of character development than as a whodunnit.

This was the first PD James book I read, which at the time I dated 1990. At that rate, next time I read it I'll be more than 60. A sobering thought.

Completed : 13-Nov-2006

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