Until It's Over, by Nicci French

The one with Astrid, a bicycle courier, who finds that she keeps stumbling across recently-murdered people who've done something in the past to upset her. She lives in a house shared with six other people, which means there are plenty of red herrings to be found.

Quite readable, but the book wasn't up to much. In the extra stuff at the end, the authors say that they regarded it as a challenge to write the book in two halves: the first from the perspective of Astrid, the second from the perspective of the killer, so that they could cover the same set of events from two different points of view. Well, I can see this might have been an interesting exercise, but it didn't really add a whole lot to the story. Nothing ground-breaking here.

Not one I'd bother to recommend (although, like most of the others, it's very easy to read and not an unenjoyable way to pass the time).

Completed : 12-Apr-2009

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