Vernon God Little, by DBC Pierre

About a guy at an American high school whose friend goes on a killing spree - actually the second book I've read lately that has echoes of Columbine - the other was Hey Nostradamus. Vernon has no idea why his friend behaved as he did, but finds himself accused of complicity or worse, rather to his bewilderment.

I gave up on this about a quarter of the way through. Maybe it gets better, but what I read was tedious. Vernon, narrating the book, may be a well realised charater, and the book does feel like it could have been written by a somewhat spoiled immature teenager, but he's just not that interesting. The language was monotonously crude and his seeming obsession with matters scatalogical was wearing. I did read in a review that the book picks up a lot in the latter stages, but I couldn't bring myself to listen to any more, it was just a chore.

I suppose it compares a bit with Catcher in the Rye, but even though this book has - ostensibly - a more interesting plot to hang things on, it failed to get under my skin and I can't really see any merit in it. Don't know why it won a prize.

Gave up : 1-Nov-2007 (audiobook)

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