We Are Here, by Michael Marshall

Picked this one up because I'd enjoyed Killer Move quite a lot, and assumed it would be a similar conspiracy driven story.

But it was really weak - the story was premised on the existence of beings who were either ghosts, or the embodiment of childhood imaginary friends (both explanations were used, and it wasn't clear which was meant to be the right one). Anyway, there are these ghostly entities which are only visible to certain people - either because they're literally invisible or because people are inattentive to them; who can switch their visibility on and off, who can manipulate stuff in the real world; who get upset by the way people react or don't react to them and can interfere and upset things; who don't know that they're not real people, and who are capable of some kind of mystical transfiguration which ends up with them really disappearing, for good.

I think a big problem was that there was no consistency in the way these people were explained so you never really knew what the scope was for them in terms of driving the story. I also felt the author hadn't really got his story straight - this is a quote: "I was giving up on the idea of things making sense: maybe they don't have to make sense". Yes, that's how I felt, reading this book.

Would be a bit careful before reading more by this author.

Completed : 14-Oct-2013 (audiobook)

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