When Will There Be Good News, by Kate Atkinson

Third Jackson Brodie book - this one has the mother and children being murdered at the beginning, leaving just one daughter surviving. When she's grown up, and the murderer is about to be released from jail, she disappears from home.

I'd expected this to be better than the previous books, because it seems to be the one that's most often cited. But while it was very good, and very well written, I didn't enjoy it as much as One Good Turn. It feels to me like the first book was very good, and gave Atkinson the confidence to do another, which was much better. But after that, while her writing skills are still great, her ideas for plot are a bit less interesting. I don't mean that this was bad: it was a really good read. But it felt like she was trying a bit in this one, and there wasn't quite so much fun as in the previous one.

Definitely worth reading though.

Completed : 02-Feb-2011

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