Prey 19:Wicked Prey, by John Sandford

The Republican convention's in town (this follows fairly soon after the events in Phantom Prey) and the police get a tip off that a professional gang is moving in for some kind of heist. On top of that, a right-wing redneck nutter from Oklahoma is in town and trying to buy rifle bullets. And Letty, Lucas's ward, is being stalked by a con who's got a grudge against Lucas.

A really good one. I can't remember there being an awful lot about Letty in previous books (other than Naked Prey, which is where she was introduced) but she is a fairly well-drawn character here and I could imagine her being spun off into her own series, if not taking a significant role in future Prey books. The subplot with Letty was like a mini-Prey story all on its own.

The gang in town is led by a woman who is a bit like Clara Rinker, in that you sort of want her to win, even though she's a baddie. But the book is by no means a re-tread of previous stories - yet again, he's got a new structure and it's a great read.

Now I've read them all (this one was only recently published so presumably it'll be a little while until the next) I can go back and re-read them in order. They'll definitely be worth it.

Completed : 03-Aug-2009

Re-read in 2015 as part of the "listen to all of the audiobooks in order" project. I'd forgotten the plot of this one although I'd remembered that Letty had a fairly significant role. I can't remember how many of the earlier books I'd read before I read this for the first time, but this time through I recognised (and could name the books) where the characters had appeared - from Letty who first turned up in Naked Prey, Lilly from Shadow Prey and Eyes of Prey who I never realised would reappear. Not to mention Randy who we previously met in the first book and then in Chosen Prey so I could more easily see how Randy's motivation worked.

Really enjoyed this - with one caveat: one of the criminals has spent time in England, and says some stuff in an English accent. And while I think Richard Ferrone is the best possible reader for the Prey books, he can't do English accents very well...

Completed : 11-Jan-2015 (audiobook)

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