Winter Prey, by John Sandford

Lucas is called in to investigate a triple-murder: a house has been burned down and the couple and their child are found to have been murdered. Turns out that they had something which the killer wanted, and Lucas soon determines this to be a photograph, but when he finds the photograph, it's not clear why it was so important.

This was a pretty good one but perhaps not one of the best. This is the book when Lucas first meets Weather. It turns out that she is pivotal to the investigation, and soon she becomes a target of the "Ice Man" who killed the family and set fire to their house at the start of the book.

Re-read in 2014 - I see that this is the first time I had the audiobook. I'd remembered this as having been one of the weaker ones, but it was pretty good. Lucas is called in as a consultant to help with this investigation, because he's not formally attached to any police department.

This is the fifth Prey book, and the fourth one to feature a serial killer. But it doesn't feel particularly cliched (I was a bit surprised to realise that there are so many serial murderers in the first few novels) and does seem quite different in structure to the previous books.

Couple of laugh-out-loud bits in this one: I remember when they went to a druggie's caravan, and Lucas asks "what colour do you call that?" - the answer: "I guess you'd say it's off-grape".

Completed : 07-Apr-2007

Completed : 05-May-2014 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

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