Without a Doubt, by Marcia Clarke

Got this for 99p after the TV dramatisation of the OJ Simpson trial. Marcia was the lead prosecution attourney.

It was OK I suppose but not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be: I thought there'd be more depth to it than has come across in the TV series etc.. Mainly I thought "well, if that's all there is to it, I think I could be a prosecution lawyer: it didn't seem like there was tons of stuff you had to know, to be able to do the job.

There was a bit too much autobiographical info: I wasn't really interested in Marcia Clarke's history or personal life except as far as it directly related to the trial, and while it did a bit, there was quite a lot of stuff that I skipped over.

It mainly comes across as a bit whiny (it's not FAIR), as she moans about the defence being tricksy and underhand, the judge being incompetent ("Ito gave the defense wide latitude. He gave us virtually none", the media being unhelpful, the police department afraid to treat OJ as a criminal, the jury being too dim to think through the issues.

I finished it, so I suppose it can't be that bad but it wasn't as revelatory as I'd thought.

Completed : 16-October-2016

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