Essays since October 2003

Here are links to the essays I've handed in since starting my part-time Philosophy course in October 2003.

First year modules (1,500 words)
December 2003  English Spelling - "One Sound, One Symbol"? 58% "Discussion incomplete and partial..."
December 2003  Descartes - Two Substances 72% "Very well written and carefully considered first essay..."
December 2003  Kant's Categorical Imperative 60% "You identify rationality with morality, and this oversimplifies Kant's theory..."
January 2004  Linguistics: three mini-essays 95% "Very well written piece of work..."
March 2004  All Varieties of English are Equal? 58% "Not enough time spent addressing the question..."
March 2004  Aristotle and Self-Evident Knowledge 70% "A good discussion..."
Second year modules (2,000 words)
December 2004  Max Black and the Identity of Indiscernibles 66% "Grasp of topic is good except for your insistence that PII requires an observer..."
December 2004  The Singer Solution to World Poverty 68% "Perhaps more on the demands given by Singer would have been worthwhile..."
March 2005  Are Laws of Nature mere Regularities? 64% handed in late; never had comments back
March 2005  How should CO2 emission rights be decided? 54% handed in late; never had comments back
December 2005  What's the best argument for Particularism? 85% "An excellent essay..."
December 2005  Should animals have the same moral rights as mentally impaired humans? 67% "not enough discussion of relevant literature or key philosophical debates..."
March 2006  Does the theory of evolution support any particular meta-ethical theory? 72% "Could have said more about redundancy of non-natural properties if evolution is true..."
March 2006  Is speciesism morally equivalent to racism? 72% "could have considered the implications of Singer's reflections on the value of different lives..."
Third year modules (3,000 words)
December 2006  Can a behaviourist admit we have hidden thoughts? 80% "The important circularity objection could have been discussed..."
December 2006  Is the Aesthetic Attitude a Myth? 85% cover sheet
March 2007  Is Dennett Right? 63% Well written but left it too late to engage with the real issue
March 2007  Can art be defined? 75% Valiant attempt but ultimately unconvincing
March 2008  Truth and Tragedy in the work of David Nobbs 63%
January 2009  Compulsory "Career Management Skills" essay 66% You have been very lucky for the most part to have work you have enjoyed. Very few people, I think, can say that.

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