Values and Virtues

What is moral philosophy about? It involves questions such as:
  1. How should one live? What is the good life?
  2. Why should one live in that way?
08-Oct-2003  Plato and the moral sceptic (See also : weekly paragraph)
15-Oct-2003  Aristotle on the good life (See also : weekly paragraph)
22-Oct-2003  Mill's Principle of Utility (See also : weekly paragraph)
29-Oct-2003  Kant's Categorical Imperative (See also : weekly paragraph)
05-Nov-2003  Ross's Rejection of System
12-Nov-2003  Rawls on How to Build a Moral Theory (see also : weekly paragraph
19-Nov-2003  Singer on the demands of Morality (see also : presentation
26-Nov-2003  Aquinas on Just Wars and the Doctrine of Double Effect
03-Dec-2003  Abortion and Rights (para)

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