King Lear

I’d seen this some years ago, and couldn’t follow the plot, so this time did a lot of revision, and it was worth it: quite thrilling to hear lines spoken out loud that I recognised.

They had sprinklers to spray a fine mist of rain over the stage during the storm, which was very effective, and made Lear look suitably bedraggled.


I don’t think the production was tragic enough: they played bits of it for laughs, when Lear was mad (wearing a pinafore and carrying a broken umbrella). Would have been better if it had been completely bleak, I think.

Best actor was Gloucester (John Shrapnel) - he had real presence. Edmund was good as well. Disappointed with Cordelia, she wasn’t pure enough, and didn’t deliver the line very well “I am sure my love’s more richer than my tongue” 

vocab: “to be doubted” == to be feared

So that’s where it comes from “The wheel is come full circle” and “more sinned against than sinning”

Would definitely like to see it again.

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