Twelfth Night

Before going, I’d got to halfway through Act 3 in the study guide. It was noticeable that the play seemed loads better up until that point.

Feste was very impressive - sang, played the guitar and tabor, and danced.

Jacobi was good but I’m not sure he is the best actor for doing comedy.

Best was Viola/Cesario. Her asides to the audience were really funny/moving.

I told Ella the plot and she said it sounded like “She’s The Man”.

So that’s where it comes from moment: “Cakes and Ale”

Vocab: “betimes” == early; “welkin” == sky



When a scene was set in Orsino’s palace, a green banner was dropped, and hung there until the end of the scene, when whoever was leaving the stage would pull it down and wrap it around themselves as they left. That worked really well.


It was set in the ‘80s. And at the end, they all came out and danced to “Club Tropicana”

Feste was played by two female actors, both on stage at the same time, alternating lines between themselves.

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